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Illustration and animation inspires new ideas and shows me more possibilities in my art. As I work with digital painting and 2D animation, I can create the soft and warm feeling like children book arts. For a moment, the viewers have the time to rest from their busy life and be filled with the sense of peace by being reminded the richness and kindness of human beings. In my work, nature is essential subject to create the sense of peace with the similar esthetic seen in cartoon saloon’s woks. My art is to reach out to those who suffer from anxiety, depression and help them to regain their self-esteem through the fun, cute and healing animation.

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Producer I Animator I Env. Designer I Editing 

Southern Adventist University Production 

  •  Producer of short animated film - Efficient time management led the film to finish on time

  •  Animator - Contributed to emotional ending shots

  • Environment Designer - Simple and stylized environment 

  • Editing and Compositing - Premier pro for editing and After Effect for simple FX like Colour Correction, Blur, Masking, and Drawing Animation

Motion Designer

Enactus SAU

  • Animator - Created motion graphics, character animation and infographics for Enactus projects

Illustrator I Designer


  • Logo Design

  • Portrait Illustration

  • Youtube Thumbnail

  • Icon Design

  • UI Design

Production Skill:


  • Good understanding of animation principles, body mechanism, and hair and clothes movements

  • Time management skill


  • Have designed and modelled low-poly, stylized environment with hand-painted texture. Simple and Unique is my strength.

Software Skill

  • Autodesk Maya

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe After Effect

  • Premier Pro



B.F.A - Character Animation

Southern Adventist University - Collegedale TN


  • Japanese

  • English